Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Writing Scotland Goes Graphic

Great news! We've just found out that a short story we created has been accepted for inclusion in this year's New Writing Scotland.

The 30th volume of the annual anthology will be the very first to feature a story in comic form.

The short graphic narrative The Photographs will be published, along with an array of work by new and established Scottish writers and poets.

We hear that this year saw an overwhelming number of submissions of extremely high quality, so we're delighted to have been selected.

“New Writing Scotland remains the most accurate barometer of new trends in Scottish writing,” says Simon Hall from The Herald

We produced The Photographs slowly and are very fond of this short story, which is close to our hearts. Although fictional, the story was inspired by memories of John's father and Sandra's grandmothers.

New Writing Scotland is published by The Association for Scottish Literary Studies.