Monday, 8 September 2008

Autumn Events

We are preparing ourselves for a few autumn events: first we’ll be exhibiting at BICS, the Birmingham International Comics Show (Oct 4th –5th). For this, we wish to thank the Scottish Arts Council, as they are partly funding the trip.

Then, a couple of comics workshops, at the Storytelling Festival, in Milngavie, on Oct 14th, and at the Imprint Book Festival, in Kilmarnock, on Nov 12th. Further details can be found on the events page of our website.

Summer was spent hard at work on the new Louis book, but we did manage to attend several highly enjoyable events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, including: a three part talk with Paul Gravett, and Emma Hayley and Robert Deas of Self Made Hero and a panel discussion comprising Hannah Berry, Alan Grant and Bryan Talbot. We also had the pleasure of being invited to the British Council Bookcase party.

Graphic novels were well featured at the Edinburgh festival this year, and Paul Gravett has an interesting article about this on his website. We were reminded that back in 1999 our own Strange Weather Lately Volume One had been the very first graphic novel ever to feature in the Edinburgh International Book Festival.