Friday, 23 October 2015

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival

    Had a great time at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival launching our new graphic novel The Red Shoes and Other Tales. In fact we were so busy we completely forgot to take pictures! Jeremy Briggs was kind enough to send us photos he took throughout the weekend. 
    'Shiny New Red Shoes' launch talk chaired by Melanie Gibson
    One of our three Family Zone events at the
    Westmorland Shopping Centre
    Thanks to Melanie Gibson for being such a fantastic chairperson, to Page 45 for their support in launching the book and to the incredible festival team for making the weekend such a success and looking after everyone so well. 
    At the Page 45 book stall...
    We only managed to go and see the Steve Bell talk which was packed, but wished we could have gone to more events. It was great meeting and catching with Bryan and Mary TalbotSimon GrennanNicola Streeten, Corinne Pearlman of Myriad, Darryl CunninghamSarah McIntyre and Philip Reeve who stayed with us at the amazing Ash Meadows guest house, Chris Pitzer over from the US, John FreemanBenoit PeetersGary Erskine and Mhairi StewartPaul GravettJohn McShane, Stref, Bill Morrison of The Simpsons, Matthew Gibbs (thanks for the books!), Stephane Beaujean and so many other great people.
    Steve Bell talk
    In other news, we are afraid that the winners of the festival's "Draw a Ballerina" competition have been cursed: brother and sister Alec and Nicky Anderson won a copy of The Red Shoes and Other Tales graphic novel and a pair of red ballet shoes.
    The prize for the 'Draw a Ballerina' competition
    However, their mum Sofi Croft, author of YA books, sent us these pictures. It seems the shoes have come to life and her daughter can't stop dancing.
    The Red Shoes have come to life!
    She can't stop dancing! A curse?
    Nicky Anderson's drawing
    Alec Anderson's drawing

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