Friday, 5 December 2014

Book Week Scotland 2014

Once again it's been a busy few weeks and we've had great fun travelling around visiting places as far afield as Helsinki and giving talks and delivering workshops at  The Lakes International Comic Art Festival and Craigmillar Book Festival among others. Last week was Book Week Scotland 2014 and we did a string of events in schools and libraries up north.

With pupils at the Craigmillar Book Festival

First stop was Portlethen on Monday 24th November for two sessions with 13-14 year olds. We then went on to Aberdeen, to Northfield Academy, where we are Patrons of Reading until 2016. We have been going there regularly since we were appointed in 2013, and this time we delivered a series of very hands-on workshops over two days, with the younger pupils.

Sandra's Xmas character to inspire the pupils

Post session photo with pupils of Northfield Academy

The pupils produced some really fun Xmas-themed characters and comics....

... such as this really crazy comic made by a young girl about a killer snow clown! The cartooning is hilarious.

Some pre-Xmas pychopathicness, in pink

It has become a custom that when we visit, John is challenged to a chess game during lunch break by pupils. 

A big thank you to Mandy Wilson and Neil Hendry at Northfield Academy - they are such dynamic and fantastic people and are doing such great work at the school. It's always a pleasure to work with them.

With librarian Mandy Wilson and head teacher
Neil Hendry - Northfield Academy
Next stop was Meldrum where we gave two talks to a total of 300 students!

One of the Meldrum events

We then briefly came back to Glasgow before heading to Oban on the Friday for two events, one in a school and the other, an open event, in Oban Library.

Oban school event

Oban Library event, pictured with the librarians
All in all: a packed week!

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