Thursday, 12 July 2012

Illustrations: Pig Series

We've just completed an illustration job for a series of chapter books aimed at children age 7-12.

Sandra had great fun creating over 240 different images for the Pig series, a set of six, funny and touching stories, written from the point of view of a 12 year old boy.

The books, out now, are written by Barbara Catchpole and published by Ransom Publishing.

'Meet Peter Ian Green – PIG for short.

All his friends and family call him Pig. Even the teachers. Pig is 12 and is small for his age. He has sticky-out ears and bright red hair which is also sticky up. He attends Coalpits Road High School (or ‘The Pits’ as it is known locally) and lives with his mum. Pig is small for his age, but says his mum is huge for hers. She is a single mum, but Pig says she looks more like a double mum or even a treble mum.

These engaging stories – all written by Pig himself – will appeal to all readers who have experienced being a child in a world that is sometimes a bit too big for them.'

More on the series, including sample pages, can be viewed on the Ransom website:

Here are the covers, and just a few of the illustrations Sandra produced:


More of our illustration work can be viewed on our online portfolio:


Barbara C said...

Totally awesome job!

metaphrog said...

Thank you!