Tuesday, 25 May 2010

WORD 10 and other Workshops Report

We had a fantastic time in Aberdeen, both at WORD 10 book festival, where we conducted a couple of workshops, and also at Dyce and Northfield schools we visited in between.

The main event we did was on May 15th, and we had fun delivering a family comic workshop: parents and children of all ages (and a few comic and illustration afficcionados too) gathered in a university lecture hall, and we got a chance to have a go at the blackboard. Below are a few photos.

At the end of the workshop, we asked the children who wanted us to take a photo of their drawings to come forward, and to our suprise, everybody did!. In this link, you can see the fruits of their labour.

While we're on the subject of workshops, we just wanted to mention the fantastic day we had at Bishop Fox's School in Taunton last month for their graphic novel themed conference day. We did a talk and several workshops. They sent us a report of the day with the results of their work (pdf file).

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