Monday, 14 December 2009

Un-office Xmas Party

Last Friday, we headed off to Edinburgh for a spot of festive lunch (an Un-Office Xmas party, as named by Linda Strachan) with fellow writers and illustrators. It was a day fit for Sherlock Holmes or even Jack the Ripper, as fog completely engulfed the city. But the photos below illustrate what a lovely, warm afternoon it proved to be, in the company of such welcoming and interesting people, namely, Linda Strachan, Vivian French, Julia Donaldson, Gill Arbuthnott, Nicola Morgan, Keith Charters, John Fardell, John Ward, Sally Collins, Julie Lacome, Lari Don, Dave Sutton, Keith Brumpton and Aileen Paterson.

After a few hours, through the fog still, we made our way back to Waverley Station via the Traverse Bar for a drink or two with a friend, and Sandra took a few snaps (below), attempting to capture the wonderful and magical atmosphere. A day we won't forget any time soon.

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