Friday, 30 May 2008

National Library Workshop Report

Our illustrated workshop at the National Library of Scotland last week was great fun! (Create your own Comics, May 23). It was fully booked (it even had a waiting list!), and the kids loved it, which is so rewarding. A little girl had even brought her own copy of Louis – Red Letter Day and wanted it signed. And, we gave everyone a mini-comic to take home, hoping to inspire them all to make their own. The children certainly got engrossed in creating their own characters (they virtually ignored the proposed break and took their biscuits and juice to the table), and we gave them a few tips on making comics, as well as a few highly useful facts, such as spiders having 48 knees. Beverley Casebow, who organised the event, kindly took a few pictures. And the library had let us design a flyer to help spread the word. Pictures below.

The Create Your Own Comics workshop was part of the National Library of Scotland's series of events on graphic novels.

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