Friday, 25 April 2008

National Library Talk Report

Our talk at the National Library of Scotland last Wednesday went really well and we got great positive feedback. Thanks again to everyone who came along and to all those involved in organising the events. With Lisa Otty chairing the evening, we gave an overview (with slides) of our work since our beginnings back in 1996.

Lisa, who is from the Graduate School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh, also had quite a few in depth questions. We talked about the creative process in some detail, about visual storytelling and graphic novels and about the use of language in the books in general. We also demonstrated our use of bean cans and tea bags while promoting Strange Weather Lately a few years back (beware, some of the cans have inflated)!

Gafin from Deadhead Comics was in charge of hosting the bookstall. Apologies for the picture quality here, the room was very dark.

Next month we’re giving a two hour workshop on making comics, also at the National Library of Scotland (see previous post for details). We’ll soon post a few photos from the graphic novel exhibition that the library is hosting too so stay tuned…

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